Health and Fitness

  Health and Fitness

Riding a bike on the Katy Trail is a great way to get aerobic exercise.  Compared to jogging or competitive team sports, it’s easier on your joints.  If you can’t always get outside to ride your bike, there are stationary bikes, elliptical and treadmills for great forms of aerobic exercise that are joint friendly.

Of course we all know that this type of exercise is great for your cardiovascular system; helping to lower blood pressure, regulate blood sugar, and increasing mobility.  It can also increase your good cholesterol and lower your bad cholesterol.  Not only that, but you also burn fat and build muscle.

Check out the Mayo Clinic for the benefits of regular exercise.

Strength training twice a week can help increase bone strength and muscles.  Most fitness machines offer various types of resistance to meet your goal.  Core exercises strengthen your abdomen, lower back and pelvis. A fitness ball is great for core training.

Don’t forget to do your stretching exercise before and after your workout.  Stretching can improve your range of motion and promote better posture.  It can even reduce stress.  Yoga can promote flexibility also.

Nutrition is very important also.  Eating balanced meals – protein, carbohydrates and the right fats is crucial.  Often you can’t eat the right foods and supplements are worth considering.

Here’s an interesting Calorie Calculator to determine how many calories you need a day, and a guideline if you want to gain ( ya right… ) or lose weight.

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